A Photo Shoot with McDuff

For those of you that have been visiting here awhile, you have had the pleasure of meeting McDuff, our senior cat member, posing in a variety of pictures. He followed me around recently so I figured he must want to be photographed. Let me reintroduce you to McDuff. Above he paused for his regal look. He loves doing the side pose. As he was trying to pose for a shot walking away, Shelby decided she needed to just make sure that was our McDuff approaching the front door. When asked to show emotion, McDuff played it up with a look that says, "What do you mean you are out of cat treats? WAAAAAAHHHHH!"Ooops.... wrong cat. Kit had to have at least one photo in the series, or it just wouldn't be right. Here he is on the other side of the garden gate waiting for me to come in.


  1. :) now I feel the urge to take photos of our moggies :)

    love McDuff he always looks so dam posh :)


  2. They are all lovely but Mc duff is definitely the King of the group sandy

  3. dogs always have to introduce themselves and say "how do you doo doo"


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