Hot Weather Survivors Revisited

I always think if plants can survive in hot heat and dry, smoky air they must be survivors. Now some of these plants do so well because they are protected by the shade. JEJ has an even better theory. He is convinced that the whole secret to the beauty of these flowers is the way they are watered. I have to agree. Hats off to the Water Master JEJ! I will say though that the colors of these flowers I discovered on the garden tour today seem to be more vivid than I had remembered from last year. Above is a ivy geranium in a new color we love.Of course coleus are always big showstoppers!Another geranium just keeps spreading in a bit of shade. The fragrance of this lily is enough to get you outside for a photo shoot.The stem of this beauty was a bit wilted in the heat, but by propping it up I could catch what the lily really looked like. The weather is finally beginning to cool. Perhaps that means it is time to tackle those weeds (which are obviously not visible in any of the garden photos!)


  1. geranium colors so deep and unique- header creates an oh my unforgettable feeling

  2. The purple geranium is just gorgeous, I aint to keen on lillies though, they remind me of 'death'


  3. magnificent composition on the header! is that evening sun?

  4. I'm flower-less this year, so I just wanted to let you know that I've really been enjoying all of your flower photos lately. Thanks! :-)

  5. i beati: You are right... these colors are very unique. Thanks... I love my new header.
    Marmite: Can you believe the geranium? I can't even remember where I found it. Here carnations remind me of death.
    JBelle: That is the morning sun on the header. That smoke from Canada gave it the rich color.
    L2: I am glad my flowers could be there for you. Your photos have inspired me many a time.


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