Gifts from the Garden

The gifts from the garden were here to greet us when we returned home. Tomorrow will be salsa and tomato sauce canning day at our house as we use up at least sixty pounds of ripe tomatoes we found ripened on the vine yesterday. JEJ also picked zucchini, a cucumber, green peppers,and lots of green beans. I love this time of year as we begin to harvest, put up food, and enjoy the bounty from our garden.


  1. Know something? No FB reminded me how much I love to come to your blog and soak up the 'sunshine'. It has been so nice to be back here on a daily basis. Know what else? found exactly 4 leaves on the Burning Bush that are RED. If you are canning salsa and my Burning Bush is turning, that can only mean one thing. :(

  2. wow.
    disappointed this year in my tomato plants. They were mis marked and I just got little ones. No nice big yummy ones like that.


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