Campsis radicans

Campsis radicans is the lovely Latin name for the Trumpet vine. This vigorous, woody vine loves the hot weather that has descended upon the Pacific Northwest. The hummingbirds are drawn to these flowers, as was my husband with his camera. He did an excellent job capturing these photo images.

In doing more research on this vine Wikepedia was quoted as saying "The vigor of the trumpet vine should not be underestimated. In warm weather, it puts out huge numbers of tendrils that grab onto every available surface, and eventually expand into heavy woody stems several centimeters in diameter. It grows well on arbors, fences, telephone poles, and trees, although it may dismember them in the process. Ruthless pruning is recommended." Fortunately nothing has been dismembered yet by the Trumpet vine in our yard! We are not going to prune ruthlessly yet. We are just going to enjoy these vines with the vivid orange blooms.

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  1. IEG, your title picture is absolutely AWESOME!! I just LOVE it!! And love your flowers as well!


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