A Writer's Space

Writers work hard to create a space for inspiration- that place the writer can imagine, remember, ponder, and draft. For some writers it is surrounding themselves with items of remembrance. Others want a room with a view, a window facing the morning sun, or a dark basement office. A certain chair, an old typewriter, an antique pen or a special desk in the house makes a difference for others. My space for inspiration is at the writing retreat on the shores of Coeur d'Alene, Lake. Who wouldn't be inspired?


  1. Beautiful pictures! No wonder that place inspires you.

  2. I'm envious--of the physical space as well as the mental/emotional/spriritual space you're in. Time to reflect and write. What a blessing. Hope you've really enjoyed your time, friend.

  3. inspirational big yes but so is thay yard and greenhouse and gardens of your sandy

  4. Very pretty and inspiring! When I was a college student, I worked at a camp at Hayden Lake. It was amazingly pretty there.


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