What Draws You To The Garden?

"Seek to understand what draws you to the garden. You may discover greater rewards than the blue ribbons awarded for the biggest pumpkin or the best preserves. You may find the garden becomes a teacher and crop "failures" become lessons learned. However big or small your garden is, if you allow nature to touch your spirit, gardening will bring returns of peace, satisfaction,and well-being for as long as you can continue to wander the garden path."
- Norman H. Hansen

This is what draws me to the garden.

Thanks JEJ for capturing these photos while I was away!

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  1. Everything looks so beautiful! I love your garden photos. Your hosta is especially pretty. I have quite a few hosta plants, but am having troubles with snails --- they eat holes in the leaves. I bought some snail bait --- but it is extremely toxic to dogs --- so I'm taking it back. Any ideas?



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