Two New Members of the Family

It has been an exciting week in our extended family! We welcomed two new girls and I couldn't be more thrilled. My niece Molly Diedrich gave birth to Olivia Cathleen Diaz on Monday in Denton, Texas.

My niece Z2 fell in love with homeless Juliet at the vet office where she works. She was finally able to adopt her and bring her home on Tuesday.Juliet is adjusting well to her new home and gets along well with her sister Sadie ( in picture on right) and Peaches. I can't wait to meet both of them in person!
Olivia loves to pose for pictures and has already captured the hearts of those near and far.

(photos courtesy of my siblings' blogs and Facebook)


  1. oh congratulations!!! Beautiful child :)

  2. I do not know who has more hair, the baby or the dog :)



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