Photo Hunting With Tracy: Part 2: The Ferry County Loop

We went on another road trip today and showed our friend Tracy some of our favorite places to capture photo images. We drove south through Inchelium and headed down Lake Roosevelt, then looped around to Lake Ellen before we headed home. Days like today once again remind me of why I love where I live so much.


  1. Im sitting in the car with you all as you drive around..... ok ok well only in me head, but its still pleasant lol

    Thats what I didnt get to do the 3 times Ive been in the states, and thats to just drive around, next time I will hire me own car so as not to be so tied to what me hosts do or dont do :)


  2. Beautiful pictures, and I'm sure they don't begin to touch the real life beauty. That's why I live near Denver, Colorado ... my mountains! Vee at

  3. I promise myself a trip there every summer.

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  5. OK, so I'm still jealous of your pics. Simply gorgeous. I bow to your greater skill. :) Thanks much for sharing your favorite places with me.

    I did do my best with Sweet William. Check out the latest. Movie coming soon.


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