Lake Ellen: A Slice of Heaven in Northeastern Washington

I have posted pictures of Lake Ellen before, but I always marvel at the beauty of this small lake. We can leave the house and head up Lake Ellen Road and be to the lake in twenty minutes. The lake has two small campgrounds on either end and a swimming dock. No motorized boats are allowed, but the dirt road on the south end is usually peppered with rigs and people standing on the shore fishing.There is a small island that people swim to and often stay there to sun themselves on the warm rocks.Every time we visit Lake Ellen it is worth the trip. My favorite time to visit is when we have it to ourselves. That doesn't happen very often!


  1. Beautiful, what a beautiful place......

    Do your lakes have any dangerous creatures lurking in the waters?


  2. I've had you on my mind--wondering how your summer is and if you've been able to get away. Obviously, to paradise :O)
    p.s. Today I posted a photo of my husband's fam on Dewey Street in Mullan--thought of you again.

  3. So beautiful! There are many small lakes that most people never hear of in the PNW. How special to have the treasure of one so near! Have you ever been to Olive Lake (eastern Oregon)? The water is so clear, you can see deep to the very bottom. It's such fun to canoe on.



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