Kooky Collection of Recent Photo Images

I just took this picture because I liked the tile top on the table!
... Okay ... I liked the colors of my new Crocs.
This reminded me of childhood in Kellogg when we saw these on display at the Whitebird Saloon in Northport.
I always take pictures of the Kettle Falls bridge. I don't know why.

This is my brother Raymond Pert stealing the show at the Sixth St. Melodrama in Wallace.
My friend TM loved to call this "Stairway to Heaven" outside the old Catholic Church on Lake Roosevelt.
Road food!

I loved this unique railing along the walk at Lovitt's Restaurant in ColvilleYou won't find animal heads for trophies around out house. Instead we have strange heads from the remains of tree parts used to build furniture. I love the antlers!


  1. Each one an image super sandy

  2. You'll know I love to take odd shots. These would be right up my alley.

  3. ha ha ha ha.. I loved the eye on your trophy tree.. ha ha ha ha

  4. I look kooky photos lol..... love the crocs, the little table is beautiful, and I LOVE the smiling face of MrP :)

    They sure beat the photos on my blob LMFAO


  5. hey... are you guys having a tornado or something up there???


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