JEJ's Vegetable Garden

"God almighty first planted a garden. And indeed, it is the purest of human pleasures."-- Francis Bacon
JEJ grabbed his camera again and caught some delightful photo images of his vegetable garden!
I can't wait to taste the first ripe tomato.
The grapes almost hide one end of the garden fence. Each week the garden changes and we say good-bye to some plants and hello to another harvest. This week I loved picking fresh peas off the vine and eating them in the garden!


  1. The garden looks great. Nothing like fresh produce straight from the garden.

  2. I like to come here and linger in your garden

  3. Sigh! I could do that. I could but I don't.

  4. Oh boy... I remember when we lived in the house a few years ago and had a huge vegetable garden... I adored peas! I loved the edible pea pod ones so much and grew those in abundance! We had radishes and beets, carrots, lettuce and also some corn. How I miss those days of fresh vegetables!

    You have such a beautiful garden!


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