Can You PIck a Favorite Flower ?

July, hot sunshine, fertilizer, and water create flower blossoms filled with beauty, fragrance, and vivid color. People often ask me if I have a favorite flower. I usually then ask "In what garden?" , "What time of year?" , "Annual or perennial?", or " In my my garden or yours?" It is a very difficult question.

My favorite flower can change from hour to hour. I am not home today, but JEJ has informed me the bright orange trumpet vines are vivid in color and as beautiful as they have ever been. Today that would be my favorite flower. When I was at the writing retreat I fell in love with deep purple petunias. They were more fragrant and deeper in color than any at my house ever .

Taking a drive through Moscow, Idaho today I fell in love with day lilies. They are blooming everywhere and the creamy yellows and apricots are pleasing to the eye. At my mom's house last week-end it was the mixture of annual blooms in containers on her deck. It was the strong fragrance of a lily outside in the moonlight at my sister's house that was a favorite as it drifted into the dining room.

Tomorrow as a venture out with my camera I may find another favorite. Do you have the same problem as me in July? Can you pick a favorite flower?


  1. great explanation- I guess your favorite could change depending on when you viewed it .This collage is all happiness for me !!Thanks sandy

  2. my favourite changes too, but I always love poppies, especially with the sun shining through their paper thin petals....

  3. I still love delphiniums with a passion..... and red geraniums of course, and white daisies of any size....


  4. Anonymous26.7.09

    As a native of southern California, I recently discovered there is a difference in the western landscape and plantlife as one travels north. We have wild berrys in the south but I've not seen huckleberries there. We've been in the Priest Lake area collecting huckleberries and noticed the similar appearing sarvisberry, (as it was pronounced for us). It prompted a search that led me to your blog. I have fallen in love with the northwest and appreciate the content in your blog. I've recently purchased a GPS unit. It has given me much more confidence to explore the backroads and experience so much that one cannot see from the freeway.

  5. I love flowers --- and would love to grow more. Unfortunately weeds grow in the same spaces --- and I don't like weeding! LOL!

    I can't pick a favorite --- but this week black-eyed susan's have been drawing my attention.

  6. while I was gone the Ligularia bloomed. I really have a love for that flower in my garden. I don't know where I got it. I wish I had a whole row of them. I have found other Ligularia for sale, but not this specific variety.

    Maybe that is why I am so drawn to it...

    and it blooms quickly -- and fades quickly -- and I sigh and realize another season has passed for it and it still is alive in my garden.


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