The Beauty of Red, White, and Blue

I was inspired this morning by a visit to my friend La Tea Dah's blog over at Gracious Hospitality and borrowed her idea for my collages.Thanks La Tea Dah so much for the beauty of your blog and the inspiration it continues to instill in all of us. Happy Fourth of July with my own red, white, and blue.


  1. You have created wonderful collages of beautiful flower images! You may want to join in with Today's Flowers, a Sunday meme of flower images. Then you can visit other folks flower photos and they yours. It is good fun. This post is perfect for it.

    Thank you for your visit to my blog!

  2. I love this idea! Great shots. The blue collage is my favorite with a little piece of sky blended in. You see with a poet's eye, my friend.

  3. Beautiful.... how do you make it so all your photos are set out like that??


  4. one of my clematis just keeled over and died. It was pink. Isn't that a clematis down in the right hand corner?


  5. Very pretty! I love your interpretation of red, white, and blue!


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