Winning the Battle With the Weeds!

"But make no mistake: the weeds will win; nature bats last. "~Robert M. Pyle

Today was a good day to tackle more weeds. Where do they come from? One day you have a few sprigs of clover and the next day you can't see the flowers. One day you have weed barrier, the next the bark on top of the barrier is sprouting weeks.
One good thing about spending time in the garden weeding is you have a sense of accomplishment when the day is over. You may also have sore knees, a slight sunburn, and fingernails that need a soak, but there is a sense of accomplishment.Grass is my worst enemy. It seems like grass takes up residence and doesn't want to ever leave. When you have to get a shovel out to deal with weeds, that is when you call your better half!
I will say I do like clover, especially the red clover. I kept some in the flower beds today just to add some color. Also, by the time I got to that red clover I was ready to quit. Red clover is good ( I keep telling myself.)
Finally at the end of my weed pulling session the flower beds along the walk looked much more tidy! Now that the rain is falling again Mother Nature will probably provide just what the weeds need to grow up taller overnight! Arrrggghhh!


  1. There is no blog I love to visit for its flower finery than yours..hilarious cartoon by the way. My late friend went out with a small trowell every day and dug them up- Me too but something comes

  2. Your garden looks great. I fear my weeds are taking over and I'm letting them. The good news is I have so many wildflowers that are part of the unplanned weeds that it still looks like a garden.

  3. Yes, with all the rain we have been having, the grass is taking over again. How does it grow so fast and so tall? Hope to tackle it once I find a dry moment...but to the links!!!

  4. It truly is amazing how weeds can grow over night. I suppose they are the right plant for the right spot. I like to learn which weeds are edible and then I simply eat them, ha.
    Thank you for your visit to my blog.


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