Sibling Assignment # 101: Off The Beaten Path

Raymond Pert gave the recent Sibling Assignment. In honor of our 101st assignment we were to think about US Route 101:Let's focus on US Route 101, the north/south route running from Olympia/Port Angeles to Los Angeles. Read more about the highway, here. We've all traveled different sections of this famous highway. Write about a specific experience you enjoyed or survived on U.S. Route 101.Raymond Pert's reflection on Carter Lake is here and Silver Valley Girl's post remembering crab, Newport, and a family visit is here.

We have had many family discussions trying to sort out various trips to the Oregon Coast. Burning questions always come up as we sift through the cobwebs of our muddled minds. Who was there that year, which of the nieces had been born, which dogs did we have, why weren't Mom and Dad there, and where did we stay? I know what I did the summer of 1995. I just hope I got the other players right!

The summer of 1995 was a transition time in my life. I had just finished my first teaching year in Inchelium, I was in denial about suffering depression, I had not yet made a decision about whether or not to purchase a home, I had just returned from working at the University of Idaho with the writing project, it was hot and swarming with mosquitoes in my little apartment next to the school, and I was preparing for an August solo vacation to the Oregon Coast.

There has been so many trips that had included the whole family. Many miles had been traveled on Highway 101. I know my sister had her hands full that August with The Princess, a one-year-old named Z2, and was very pregnant with Kiki Aru. I know there had been a big all-class reunion in Kellogg earlier in the month. Perhaps Mom and Dad were still entertaining family members and didn't take this trip. I do know my brother was in Eugene adjusting also to solo living.
Back then you didn't jump on the Internet to plan a trip. I used to love to buy travel books and maps and plan out vacations. I would refer to the Best Places books for sites to see and restaurants to dine at. Before these trips were all to include a spouse or family members. This trek in 1995 was a bit of a rite of passage for me. I had often stayed in motels alone, but dining alone and traveling off the beaten path was a new adventure. I loaded up my two dogs,hopped the ferry, and headed south off the beaten path of 101 and toured the Three Capes Scenic Loop. I love the way the northern coast of Oregon is rugged with cliffs and rocks and then as you move to central Oregon there are more long, sandy beaches better for walking.
The Three Capes Scenic Loop was like seeing a whole other part of the world. West of Tillamook Bay I followed my trusty map and connected with the beautiful drive. The road climbed above the ocean as I meandered through Cape Meares, Cape Lookout, and Cape Kiwanda. I visited Netarts, Oceanside, and Pacific City. I walked beaches alone with my canine companions Nikki and Lucy. I had a superb meal at Roseanna's Oceanside Restaurant above. All my research had paid off and I felt okay dining alone enjoying the view of the sunset on the ocean. I didn't camp then, but reviewing the loop now I realize each location has a state park.

Eventually I ended up in familiar territory on Highway 101 at the Adobe in Yachats. I think perhaps RPert met me there, but we may have to do another Woolum family timeline to figure that out. I remember how relaxing it was to sit in a motel room watching people crab below in Netarts knowing I didn't have to go anywhere or do anything. I loved meandering through bookstores and gift shops finding treasures to take home. I didn't know at the time,but it was the last trip my springer spaniel Nikki would take to the Oregon Coast. Even on this trek she had slowed down and was relying on her co-pilot Lucy to get her around.

The family is returning to the Oregon Coast for a big gathering in August on Highway 101 in Rockaway. The dynamics of the family has changed. Dad won't be with us, JEJ will get to experience a coast trip for the first time, the nieces are growing up and will probably want to wander off and do their own thing, new dogs have joined the family, Raymond Pert's wife may be helping with a new granddaughter in Texas, Mom's new hip may slow her down a bit from climbing on the rocks in search of starfish, and Silver Valley Girl and PKR may need some time for R and R after directing two summer productions at the Sixth St. Theater in Wallace. The plans have begun. Menus are being drafted. Research has begun for places to visit.

I want to return to the Three Capes Scenic Loop in August. I found out Roseanna's Oceanside Restaurant is still open although sadly Rosanna has died. According to the reviews it is still serving outstanding meals. We may have to add that to the travel agenda also. Ahhh... so much to look forward to in August.



    *I went to Shakespeare Camp.
    *I participated in a summer workshop at Evergreen State, focused on learning communities.
    *I missed the all-class reunion, but I can't remember why.
    *I came to Kellogg, but the timing of why I came when I did escapes me...I know I came after Jerry Garcia died (August 9, 1995) because Dad said that he had read that one of my favorite musicians had died.
    *Hmmm...big question...did we get together? We'll have to see if we can find some clues/hints/evidence somewhere in the family archives!

  2. Sounds fabulous! I am so jealous!

  3. 1995 was a banner year

    *I remember attending the all class reunion---7 months pregnant and playing flute with the band, but NOT marching in the parade.

    *Burt and Pat moved to Meridian that summer, and Kent and Robin moved to Kellogg.

    *David moved to Meridian that year, too.

    *Kiki Aru was born in September.

    *So it must have been the summer of 1996 when we were at the coast and you told us you were getting that right?

    *So many many foggy memories!!

    *Too bad we didn't have blogs back then, because I'm sure this summer's trip will be documented quite well.

  4. Wait, or was it 97? Because I really don't remember having Kiki Aru at the coast when she was that little...and 96 was when David and Michele got married, so I don't think we would have traveled to the coast that summmer.....

    I wish Memories lit the corners of my mind...something needs to..LOL!!

  5. Okay...1996 was the summer that Dad died, I also lost Nikki and I didn't go to the coast. I adopted Emily from the CDA Humane Society in August. Very blank calendar pages that summer.... but Carol.. that was the "Naked Gardener July".
    It was 1997 I was in Oregon earlier in the summer for a training and met Bill ( remember... heat, headache, windows that wouldn't open... going to see Air Force One). Everett surprised me and painted the whole exterior of the house while I was gone. Mom and I headed for the coast August 15th and were in Yachats the 17th to meet the rest of you. We stayed at the Adobe. That is when I announced that Everett and I were getting married which we did the Friday I returned in CDA. The reception was September 27th which is when we met the Deke for the first time.
    Boy... am I glad I keep my desk calendars!

  6. We didn't stay at the Adobe, but in a house we rented and just went to dinner at the Adobe!

  7. but, but, but how about the mystery summer of '95?

    I remember 97 pretty well...but, 95..

    IEG goes solo on 101...did you and I get together?

    btw, not only did we watch Air Force One in 97, but also Ulee's Gold...isn't that true?

    I gotta think...95 95 95

    I came to Meridian soon after Kiki was born...I'll think more

  8. I recognize it I'm happy to say. Have been there once and seen the monolithic rocks.

  9. Oh, and don't forget summer of 97, the lice summer....ARGH!!!

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