Saturday Road Trip: A Tour of Manito Park, Part 2

There is so much to see at the Manito Park Gardens, but Saturday was a day to spend time wandering through the Perennial Garden. When I first began created gardens here at my home I used this garden for inspiration. This I think as you view this photo tour you will see why.
I had these lovely allium plants once. I am inspired to plant them again after Saturday.

I definitely need to add Siberian Iris to my wish list for my spring garden.
It was a perfect day to enjoy peonies.
We were a bit early in the season to fully enjoy the Rose Hill Garden. In a few weeks it should be full of blooming roses and ready for a visit. The Manito Gardens also include a Lilac Garden, the Duncan Garden, and a Japanese Garden.


  1. IEG: Every time I want a quiet reflective moment I go to your blog. Your photos are great. Thanks again.

  2. I wanna go see Manito Park..... gorgeous photos as usual..

    hey Starr, I also come here when I need peace and reflection :)


  3. Thanks Star. I loved snapping photos at Manito.
    Marmite... you would love Manito... JBelle informed me she lives seconds from there!


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