Saturday Road Trip: A Tour of Manito Park Part 1

After ending school on Friday I just wanted a day that wasn't planned or rushed. We decided on Saturday to head to Spokane to visit the gardens at Manito Park. We hadn't visited the Gaiser Conservatory for quite awhile, so we started there. Wow! That was all we kept saying was Wow! How could so much color, beauty, and variety of plant life be in one small building? As we meandered through the damp environment we listened to the water features, smelled the lilies, and wanted to reach out and touch the soft blossoms on the tropical plants.
Guess how many times one of us said, "Gosh... I wish we could grow this!"?

Join us for a tour of the Geyser Conservatory. If you live in the Inland Empire, this place is worth a visit. Stayed tuned tomorrow for another part of the beautiful Manito Gardens.


  1. exuding such lovliness I could gaze all day

  2. going to google it. Looks like a nice place to plan a getaway..


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