My First Top Ten List of Favorite Summer Treats!

Being away from my computer and without internet much of this week kept me from greeting summer properly. As we say good-bye to spring and hello to summer here are some things that will make this season shine brightly for me!

My First Top Ten List of Favorite Summer Treats
1.My new Crocs Athens sandals. Until I got a pair I had no idea how comfortable they were. I love their bright colors and it sure sets off the new pedicure !!

2.Colorful bouquets. I will never in my lifetime get tired of summer bouquets from the garden.

3.The America rose. It climbs, it is fragrant, and it has a beautiful color. JEJ caught a perfect photo of this bloom.
4.Annie when she talks to us about her day!6.Shelby when she feels contentment just being near us. 7. Lake Roosevelt. Here is a view through the trees by Barnaby Island last Sunday as we drove south down the lake.
8. The last, lingering sweet smell of the Mock Orange bush.9. Going shopping for new plants for the garden.10. Summer storms.


  1. What a great list...... see your croc flops.... JBelle sent me a pair exactly the same :) - now we can be crocflop sisters LOL


  2. Amen super list - Every bouquet is so different yet so alluring .Just the mixtures alone a perk of creativity.I pick every day.sandy

  3. I loved this lost and I hope you have a wonderful summer.

  4. I strapped up to comment to tell you that Mel has a pair of those exact flip flops. But apparently, that's already been said by this Marmite character. ;) Mine are pink and orange. And I loves them. Although my daughter is here and she has a new brand, too. We have always worn Reefs in this family but our affections are straying. sigh.

  5. Great list - and I love those crocs!

  6. we are plant/nursery store freaks. I love 'em. love em'

    The dog looks like she is sniffing the american rose.


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