The First Rose Blooms and Other Wednesday Garden Delights

I purchased a new rose called Brass Band and it has already performed beautifully on the morning side of the house. Our William Baffin is covered with buds, but one here has just opened.The honeysuckle vine is filling in with color next to the lilacs that are done with their show.
I have gone through a love hate relationship with petunias. Some years I use them everywhere, other years I grow tired of them. I decided this year to try a combination of white and purple. In the evening the white blooms catch the eye.

Here is one of those heirloom iris plants we got from the neighbor. The deep color adds richness to the wedding garden.I think you can never have too many dame's rockets. Between their color and lovely scent they dress up the area in front of the shop.


  1. omigoodness, that's a pretty iris. roses wont' be blooming here for another couple of weeks....

  2. Your flowers are AMAZING!! I wish I had such a green thumb. I planted some geraniums this year and every time I look at them, I think of you and wish you were here to tell me how to deadhead the spent blooms (or do you?)

  3. peachy color sandy


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