Another Home, Another Time

When I attended college I lived in the Tri-Delta house at the University of Idaho. This week-end we celebrated our 80th anniversary on the campus in Moscow. This was not just a structure that sat on the corner of the street, but a home that held friendships, memories, learning, and growing up. We got to take a tour back to the seventies thanks to memories shared by members after dinner.I also got to enjoy a sister week-end with my own sister Silver Valley Girl which made the whole trip extra special. Thanks NJR and everyone else that made this week-end so memorable.


  1. Nice post, glad you had fun. Hey, the seventies were not that long ago!

  2. Was I even born in the 70s LOL *tiptoeing away*... :)


  3. IEG: Hmm, is that a brewski I spied in one photo? HA! Had to be a great time.


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