After the Rain

We had downpours throughout the day today. This evening it was apparent the rain cleaned the plants off and gave the flowers a new fresh look. I think the cooler weather allowed the blooms to recuperate a bit also. The cranesbill above stood out in the evening light.These snapdragons actually wintered over and are already way ahead! For you Marmite Toasty! This ivy geranium always stands out hanging by the garage and...the Fourth of July rose is just a bit ahead of itself!


  1. is there any time more refreshing and soul reverberating

  2. Wow, your gardens are well ahead of ours, our snapdragons aint even blooming as yet....

    I loves me some red geraniums, the ones of me kitchen windowsill are just beautiful..... first year ever I aint done me poo buckets out the front with red geraniums, I went all purples and whites and pinks this year :)....... and I dont do pink lol and not one red geranium in any of me hanging baskets, again all purples and mauves :)

    Fanks for brightening me day after a hard day at the hospital..


  3. "Poo buckets" ?
    Mel sure has a way with words; but its very endearing.
    Wonderful shots of the spring beauty.
    My day is brighter.

  4. :) MrGoatman.... Poo Bucket aint no way with words LOL

    go have a butchers...


  5. We had a very wet day here too. Glad to hear you're out of school and enjoying some restful activities. Your gardens are ahead of mine. My, those snapdragons are really blooming their heads off..early! I have a very similar ivy geranium. Pretty, isn't it?
    I loved your photos of Manito Park Gardens. What a fabulous place!
    Enjoyed your trip down memory lane on Hwy. 101 too. Fantastic photos of the views. Looks like some gorgeous sights to see.
    Your gardens are looking so beautiful. I especially love the roses, and those scented geraniums are delightful, aren't they? I don't have any, but I'm tempted to get some after reading about all those scents.
    That August family vacation will be great fun.
    Enjoy your summer!
    Reading your comments is a bit of added enjoyment...a little bonus :)

  6. You are right i beati!
    Mamite... it is surprising how far ahead we are this summer. go figure!
    Welcome goatman and thank you. Yes, I also love poo-buckets.
    Kerri... you would love scented geraniums. They are especially nice to add to a bouquet. I look forward to our trip!


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