Lessons Learned from My Eighth Grade Class

We celebrated a special event at my school last night. The 8th Grade Celebration was held to honor those students moving on to high school. With a room full of proud families and staff the students went out in style! I have had these students for three years so it was a bit bittersweet for me as we gave honors, goofy awards and tributes to the parents. As a gift to them I compiled the following photo essay. With their permission I present Lessons I Have Learned From the Class of 2013. ( note: Since my school district is very small my students don't really leave, but just go to high school. Next year I will be teaching a high school class and will have the privilege of teaching many of them again.


  1. Im pretending Im sitting on your back porch on one of those chairs just breathing in that wonderful view....... :)


  2. I agree with MT. Beautiful view!

  3. I loved this video! What a wonderful tribute to your kids. I'm sure they greatly appreciated it...and you too. I'll bet you're a fun teacher :)


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