Visitors That Go Bump in the Night

We have had a busy week in the country. As the weather warms, it means we empty the greenhouse. It also usually means we have visitors at night from near and far. Wednesday night we heard the dogs barking like crazy and discovered a raccoon was visiting on the ladder by the cat door leading into the garage. After getting a midnight shower with the hose, he took off. He had already made himself welcome in the garage and had tipped over the cat feeder. Lily looks a little worried here as she ponders the possibility of sharing food with yet another animal.

This morning I don't know what had been in the greenhouse, but the dogs stood up tall, sniffed around, and panted like crazy. Annie even tried to leap up on the shelf to follow the scent of the mystery visitor. The two detectives here investigated, but just couldn't figure out the identity of the mystery visitor.
Tonight we are putting our trust in Sheriff McDuff to protect the property and solve the mystery of the visitors in the night. He has many deputies including William to assist him.


  1. Oh those are cute deputies. and the sheriff will previal I'm almost certain :)

  2. Very cute, IEG. One of the neatest things I saw like that was last winter when three elk came down and shared dinner with three horses.

  3. Oh I would LOVE to see a real racoon :) with its strippy tail and masked face.... could ya get one tame? are they dangerous? do they smell?

    Your cats are just to cute for their skins...


  4. I always love seeing pictures of "Sheriff McDuff". I'm sure he is doing a great job, and keeping the peace in your little piece of heaven.

  5. hope the sheriff "don't" get skunked.

  6. Arent' these cats so cute. Only problem today is that Kit was sad that he wasn't chosen to be part of the posse. He is hanging out with McDuff to learn the ropes.


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