A Trip Back East for An Oustanding Junior Class

When you teach in a small K-12 school every big event is celebrated by all the students and staff. Our junior class has broke a few traditions this year in a great learning kind of way. First of all they all took Advanced Placement U.S. History. Then they decided they wanted to use the class money they had earned during their high school years to take a Junior Trip back east. ( Of course one said he had never been east so he doesn't know how he can go "back east".) They decided to give up a prom and a senior celebration next year. They were eager to see the Civil War Battlefields they had studied all year. They will leave for Baltimore Saturday and their trip will include tours of battlefields, a trip to Washington, D.C. and an outing to New York City which will include a Broadway play, sightseeing, and a trip to Ground Zero.
Yes, this is often the size of our Junior Class in Inchelium. Some are a bit bigger. My friends and fellow staff members Mr. and Mrs. L. are traveling on this trip with the juniors. Mr. L. has been their English and AP U. S. History teacher and Mrs. L. has been their science teacher through high school.

They have set up a blog so we can follow their trip. You can find that blog here. Unfortunately we don't always hear the positive stories about public schools. Here is an example of a group of students that, along with money they raised they were given donations from the Colville Confederated Tribes and other organizations for this educational trip.

Each of you makes us proud at Inchelium School. Enjoy yourselves and safe travels.


  1. THAT is fantastic! Good for them! They must be an extraordinary bunch of people.

  2. congratulations to them on such fun forward thinking!

    Future conversation: Hey, Mary... tell me about prom night.
    Mary: I danced the night away at Arlington National Cemetery

  3. Impressive investment these students are making. The resemblance you mentioned to me? I see it.


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