Sibling Assignment #98: A Single Photograph Illustrates Contentment

Raymond Pert gave the sibling assignment this week:

1. Go out and take a picture of a subject you do not remember having photographed since we started doing our blogs and using digital cameras.
2. Try to align this photograph with your mood at the time you are taking the picture.
3. Write about the subject of the photograph and how the subject and the way you shot it reflect your mood/feelings at the time you took the picture.

I will post my siblings' assignments when they are completed.
Today I was able to breathe in the first aroma of lilacs this year. Our white lilac was the first one to begin to bloom this season. When I walked around with my camera today it was difficult to find something I hadn't photographed in the garden since I acquired a digital camera. I was drawn to the while lilac bush. I had never caught photo images as it began to open its beautiful blossoms. I felt contentment as the late afternoon sun warmed my back, the stresses of the week began to fall from my shoulders, and the image of these lilacs generated pleasant feelings. I look forward to a warmer week-end so the rest of the lilacs can join this one in opening up and filling up the air with a fragrant cloud.


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  2. This is perfect. I think of no better way to have the cords of tension give way to contentment than to gaze upon lilacs and enjoy their sweet fragrance.

  3. This is one of the nicest pictures you've ever taken.


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