A Rite of Spring: The Greenhouse Move

Well.... with some sweat and heavy lifting today we were able to move the whole greenhouse collection of plants back out into the sunshine. Kit was excited when this new pot ended up next to him on the ladder/shelf. The ivy geranium plants were waiting for a time when they could spread their wings and burst out in bloom again. Lily couldn't wait until the shelves were bare again so she could plant herself on her favorite summer haunt. I even brought her favorite blanket in the greenhouse because I have a feeling she'll be doing some sleeping in the cool evening air and warm morning sunshine. Kit was pretty worn out from following us around and posing for pictures that he also found his own spot to take an afternoon nap.It is hard to believe that yesterday this place was full to the brim with plants. The poinsettia is still doing well, but would probably not do as well outside. The begonias are going in another planter outside.After many of the big plants were moved out I discovered a beautiful pink geranium that had grown out of the gravel on the floor. We don't know if it fell off another plant or actually started from seed.

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  1. We are thinking about getting a greenhouse....this post made me want one even more! Isn't spring the BEST!


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