Last Hours in the Greenhouse

"God has sown his name on the
heavens in glittering stars;
but on earth he planteth his name
by tender flowers.
Jean Paul Richter
Today I was able to catch photo images of our
magnificent greenhouse in full bloom.Tomorrow we will haul out
most of the plants,forming new gardens around the yard,

but creating an empty, bare greenhouse again.
The scented geraniums have filled the air with a soft fragrance the last few weeks.
The jade plant is thriving with just the right amount of light and water.
Ah.... how different this will look tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like a full and fun day. You two have the world's best set up!

  2. I soooo want a greenhouse.

    Someone mentioned scented geraniums at the nursey I visited the other day. I should have purchased some,

  3. Its been tipping it down all weekend here.... put the runner bean plants in, and within a hour the chickens had eaten them for supper LOL....... why did I think they would leave them be LOL so will sort some more out in the week and fence the beans in lol

    That moneymaker plant is what all chinky take-aways have growing in their shops over here....

    AND my dam greenhouse aint come cos there was such a high demand that delivery will be LATE.... so bang goes my 'put in place plans' for whats to happen in a fortnight... dam and bugger....

    I love it here, I might have to stay lol



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