Green to Gray to Sunny to Wet

You can always tell that it is spring in the Inland Empire because weather changes can happen almost instantly. In my travels on Saturday I went from blue skies and the rolling, green fields of the Palouse to rain that almost caused me to pull over because I couldn't see!
The day started out with sun and blue skies.
As I returned home up the highway along Lake Roosevelt, it was very dark and rainy. I took the ferry route to get home because I had to stop by school. You can see how much rain was falling as we rode the Columbia Princess across the big lake.
Approaching the other side it is clear to see the drawdown of Lake Roosevelt has begun.
I don't often travel the ferry in the evening, but it was a pleasure to see my former student JC directing cars on and off the ferry. Now today we were back to sunny skies until we headed to town for groceries. The rain just poured! What will tomorrow bring?


  1. It all sounds like our fickle English weather :)


  2. Wow, just love all that green! It's beautiful! And yes, the rains have started here but I am glad it is not snow!

  3. It is colder than hell in The Kan 'EWA at the moment. :)

  4. I also took some tulip pictures on Easter and with your kind indulgence and permission, would like to post them.

  5. I'm enjoying the rain --


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