Finding Solace in the Garden

The school week is over. It has been one filled with matters of the heart.... a student talking about suicide, a young adult in a neighboring town taking his own life last night bringing sadness to my students, and a death of a loved one by another student.Joy creeps in also. One of my students was present for the birth of his new baby sister two days ago, an eighth grade student got to take her first trip to state softball with the high school team, and another got to see an ultrasound of a new baby just formed. As a teacher you have these highs and lows on a weekly basis. With hot weather and students wishing they were swimming at the lake instead of doing a book discussion, it may magnify the emotions a bit more. I found solace in returning home to the garden and snapping pictures of more beauty. I was ready for Friday evening.

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  1. Your garden is so beautiful, one day I will get over and sit in it and walk around and have a look..... my little garden is also my place of quiet time... its only little with neighbours either side but its mine and it brings me much joy.... not as much joy as an acre with chickens and a huge veggie plot would LOL....

    Sorry you had a hard week.....



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