Community Clean Up Day: My Students at Work

Traditionally our school staff and students devote a day close to Earth Day to beautify and clean up the community. With warm weather and blue skies yesterday it was a perfect day to be out walking around the community with my 7th grade class.

Before lunch a group of eighth graders beautified the area by my classroom door by planting a maple tree. I am eager to watch this tree grow and turn to a brilliant red in the fall. Lilacs will be planted next week. I am so looking forward to the scent of lilacs in springs to come.RC worked with Joe from the Catholic Church all day to put wood trim around this raised flower bed at the main intersection in town . The daffodils were in bloom and the new wood trim looks great.Some guys from the tribe were constructing a new playground along the road by the post office. After finding cans, bottles, a snail, a lid covered with ants that made many scream, and broken tools we headed back to school to participate in another tradition. Everyone gets to enjoy root beer floats in recycled glasses after an afternoon of work in the community. Prizes were awarded to the classes that picked up the most garbage and students competed in a contest for posters, poetry, and essays. It was a good day at our school.


  1. Wow what a great productive day..... for everyone, those that did and those that will enjoy what those that did did :)


  2. I approve. Especially of the root beer floats.


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