The Color Purple

"Flowers always make people better,
happier and more helpful;
they are sunshine,
food and medicine to the soul."
Luther BurbankAlign Center

Today I couldn't help but notice the color purple. Depending on the time of day and where the sun was shining, these flowers changed their hue from light lavender, to purple to a deep blue. I never remember all these flowers blooming at the same time. Now I will have a record of it! Enjoy my color purple collection. Above is a lilac bush bursting with an unforgettable scent. The dame's rockets also give off a sweet scent. I love this first iris.... do you see a face there? These salvia blooms were hiding in the wedding garden.
When I first captured photo images of this columbine this morning it looked purple. By the evening light it has changed to blue. I also noticed they began to close up as the weather cooled.


  1. I am always amazed at how much farther along in season you are! :)
    btw, do you grow rhododendrons?

  2. Oh boy!! I am a HUGE fan of purple out in nature!! I have noticed the lilac bushes finally taking to bloom! I was in hospital for a few days and coming out it was a whole new world!! It's amazing what a few days and sunshine can do to nature!

    Beautiful photos.


  3. I have such a passion for blue flowers.... blue delphiniums being me most favourite.....

    faffing around me garden now, just in for a break....

    I would have a garden full of just blue plants if I had a big enough space..... dam I so need to move, before its all to late..


  4. it's so fun to see your blooms. Our columbine are gone. But we have that same salvia blooming beautifully.

    I have some beautiful purple lupine ..or maybe it's blue (:

  5. JBelle... I am also amazed. We do sit in a "banana belt" of sorts up here by the orchards. Being at a lower altitude by the lake probably helps also. I have tried to grow rhododendrons and they just don't do well here. Go figure. I have one beginning to bloom. I gave up.
    Michele... I know you love purple. I am sorry you were in the hospital, but you are right. What a difference a few days makes.
    MT... another flower I can't grow... delphiniums. I don't know why, but I gave up. I have enough other things that thrive. Thanks for all your well wishes to brother Raymond Pert. He is home and seems to be getting stronger again.
    Pamela... We have wild lupine in the area out by our gate that we don't plant. I love this time of year when it all blooms. Lupines are another thing that do well, then I lose them. Looking at this comment it sounds like I am not a very successful gardener!


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