Bark: A Garden Facelift

I am amazed how bark can make such a difference in flower beds. JEJ got a truckload of the miracle stuff yesterday and it has already transformed parts of the garden. This is why I love getting bark:
It motivates us to pull more weeds.
It will keep the weeds down a bit.It smells wonderful when it is being spread and when it is watered.
It covers up the little weeds that we didn't pull out completely.
It holds in moisture.It gives Shelby a nice, cool place to lay by the pond.
It just makes the flower beds look better.
It sets off my Crocs!

I love bark.


  1. Oh how pretty, dont it just show off all your plants beautifully...

    love the orange crocs :)... JBelle sent me a pair of croc flipflops real ones for the summer...bright green and pink lol


  2. Your garden looks great with the bark. Very attractive and tidy.

  3. Very nice, IEG. Bark is beautiful and covers up imperfections.


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