WASL, Wild Weather, and Watercolor

creations after watercolor class

This week I am spending time each day proctoring the Washington State Assessment of Learning. As students completed tests each day we planned some alternate activities to give them a break before afternoon classes.
A community worker organized a game of dodge ball that the students loved... they used marshmellows instead of balls. Fortunately she had clean ones they could eat when the game was over.

I had groups of students do watercolor in my classroom. I realized how much I missed "the old days" when I taught art each week to my elementary students. After a few quick lessons on technique I just let them be creative.
As we finished yesterday a huge hailstorm interrupted our art lesson. What is it about hail that makes students want to run outside and catch the stones on their tongues?
Students loved experimenting with watercolor washes, creating their names or other creations like the ones at the top. I can't wait to see what we can add to the collection tomorrow!

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