Sibling Assignment# 95: A Visit to the Rainforest

Silver Valley Girl gave our most recent sibling assignment.
Write about a journey, trip, or place you would like to visit this summer, and why.
You will find her post about yearning to travel the chain lakes of northern Idaho here. As our brother heals we hope he will join us soon also.I have always wanted to take a camping trip to the Olympic National Park in the northwest corner of Washington state. From the pictures I have seen and the people I have talked to that have visited this park, it sounds like a perfect place for a camping trip. This national park would be such a contrast compared to the places I usually visit on the eastern part of the state.As I imagine hiking through the rainforest snapping photos in the middle of the hot summer I can just feel cool air, see green moss and blue water, and smell the woodsy, moist forest.I would also enjoy taking the drive to the Pacific Ocean and experiencing a sunset at this northern corner of the state of Washington. I have been to the southern end of the Washington coast and the Oregon coast, but this corner of the state has always held my interest. We already have plans for an Oregon coast trip this summer, but maybe this will be scheduled for another time.

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  1. I haven't been up there for years --- Can I tag along?


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