Celebrating National Poetry Month #9 : A Very Devoted Dog

Emily Elizabeth

The beanbag pillow,

Rug by the bed,

Silver colored food dish.

Crumbled milk bone,

Frayed and soiled leash,

Collar to match.

A lilac in bloom

at the spot where she

always waited,

Listening for the sound of

my car to approach,

her tail wagging.

Now by that lilac is

her spot for eternity,

I sometimes forget and look there for

my devoted Emily Elizabeth.

inland empire girl, April 2009


  1. THIS IS JUST BEAUTIFUL!! You certainly have a talent for writing!

  2. Emily Elizabeth. And lilacs. Just a wonderful piece for a cold, gray day such as today. xoxox

  3. I love this sweet tribute to your dear Emily Elizabeth. So sad that we can't keep them around longer.


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