Celebrating National Poetry Month #7 : Rivers That Merge to the Ocean

Traveling the Rivers of Washington

In Washington state
rivers flow out of the mountains,
connect to guide travelers,
merge with the ocean,
and roll on to the Columbia.

Coastal Indians paddled the Nisqually, Nooksack, Quinault;
Northern bands camped on the Kettle, Colville, Sanpoil, Okanogan;
Explorers relied on the Spokane, Yakima, and Palouse;
Missionaries journeyed close to the Touchet, Tucannon, and Walla Walla;

Locals love the sound of Methow, Pend Oreille, Puyallup;
Wynoochee, Chehalis, Skykomish, and Elwha;
But when it comes to spelling them-
My favorites are Green, Snake, Lewis, and Rock.



  1. Lovely! I, too, prefer spelling the ones you named! Sending best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery to RP.

  2. I totally LOVE this poem! It's wonderful to be able to read it and think of how each one looks and sounds! Aren't rivers awesome?



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