Celebrating National Poetry Month: #2: Oh Northern Idaho!

one from the archives

Oh Northern Idaho!

Esto Perpetua


toured in the old, red impala on U.S. 10

from Fourth of July Canyon to Cavendish Grade,

Kootenai, Benewah, Latah, Clearwater

Boundary, Bonner, Shoshone, Nez Perce.

Cruised past rolling hills, cold rivers, wild huckleberries, pine.

Caught cutthroat trout, bass, perch, pike, and salmon.

Attempted rafting along the Lochsa, Snake, and Selway.

Harvested Austrian winter peas, lentils, camas root.

Mined silver, gold, lead, phosphorus, and dug new star garnets.

Spotted the yellowjackets, horseflies, junebugs, wasps.

Honored Julia Jean Mildred Francis Turner a.k.a. Lana Turner.

Practiced the square dance, rain dance, owl dance, jingle dance.

Found syringa, mountain bluebird, Cataldo Mission, Appaloosa.

by inlandempiregirl July 2006

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  1. This one brought back many memories for me. Sometimes I foget all the beauty that surrounds us here in Idaho!


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