Celebrating National Poetry Month #17: Cure for Puppy Fever

Annie right after we brought her home.Shelby about three months old exploring the old galvanized tub.

Cure for Puppy Fever

Place two rawhides in a

dog dish and stir.

Next add four puppy kisses.

Take two tiny Milkbones,

a squeaky ball, and

a cute little bark.

Wrap them up in

a soft blanket.

Place them close to

my heart.

Add warm, soft fur and a sweet whimper.

Blend with devotion and

unconditional love.

Enjoy with a puppy chin resting in your lap.

inlandempiregirl, 2005

Shelby's herding her new little sister.Shelby showing Annie the ropes on her first camping trip. Shelby is a little over a year older than Annie.


  1. I just LOVE seeing pictures of your dogs! Annie is absolutely wonderful (I am particularly partial to spaniels). Shelby looks like a real leader. Both were adorable as puppies!!

  2. I enjoyed your puppy - so now I got my puppy fix for a few more days.

    Hey - we have that galvanized tub by our fireplace -- to carry wood and newspaper

  3. loved this poem now i know what it feels like to be inside a tulip!!Sandy


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