Celebrating National Poetry Month #14: The First Chapter

The First Chapter

to my sister

Silver Valley Girl

Reflecting on the beginnings of

her historical fiction,

her hands fluttered in excitement as

she shared her revisions.

She is surrounded by

The women writers at The Swallow’s Nest,

Her mind journeyed back as Mother Earth,

embracing the Cataldo Mission.

Through her prose she introduced

the Coeur d’Alene Indian, the

Italian immigrant, and the

girl named Elizabeth.

Gentle suggestions, questions for clarification

and praise spilled out over coffee and warm cake.

“Who is telling this story?

What about the point of view?”

Her thoughts drifted far away to a place long ago.

“Oh… the view… when standing atop the hill by the Mission it is breathtaking,”

she replied

as she closed her journal and smiled.

by Inland Empire Girl, 2006


  1. Wow. I don't think I ever read or heard this poem before. You captured the moment beautifully.

  2. An inspiring piece. I'm jealous of Silver Valley Girl. No one has ever written about me.


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