Celebrating National Poetry Month #12: The Lily

On this Easter evening I chose a poem written by one of my favorite poets instead of an original one. I love the message it carries about the lily.

The Lily

Night after night
enters the face
of the lily
which, lightly,
closes its five walls
around itself,
and its purse
of honey,
and its fragrance,
and is content
to stand there
in the garden,
not quite sleeping,
and, maybe,
saying in lily language
some small words
we can’t hear
even when there is no wind
its lips
are so secret,
its tongue
is so hidden –
or, maybe,
it says nothing at all
but just stands there
with the patience
of vegetables
and saints
until the whole earth has turned around
and the silver moon
becomes the golden sun –
as the lily absolutely knew it would,
which is itself, isn’t it,
the perfect prayer?
Mary Oliver


  1. spendid thoughts on the delicate lily or is she??

  2. I like lillies but they always remind me of funerals......


  3. ps....... how is MrP? hope he is doing better...


  4. Wonderful Mary Oliver! 'with the patience of vegetables and saints'... I've been reading Rilke's Book of Hours for Poetry Month. Also, just finished Reservation Blues/Sherman Alexie. I'm thinking you've read this? What'd you think?
    Hope your Easter was blessed.


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