Artful Blogging, Life Images, and an Evening With a Friend

I reconnected today with a lifelong friend and she came bearing incredible gifts. I guess I have lived under a rock because I had never heard of Somerset Studio publications. They have two amazing magazines called Artful Blogging: Visually Inspiring Online Journals and Life Images: A Collection of Captured Moments and Inspired Journaling. She gave me back issues of both of these publications. I am so excited to dig into these beautiful publications or go see if I can find even more issues tomorrow!
Don't these look inviting?


  1. I love the Sommerset Magazines! I recently purchased an issue on the topic of --- APRONS! They also have some wonderful altered fashion issues. Clarice from Storybook Woods and her blog was featured in their magazine last year.

    Happy Reading! Such fun, fun, fun!

    Off on an adventure. No clues --- but you'll know where when you read my blog post later.

    Bye for now!

  2. yes. those do look inviting.


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