Afternoon in the Greenhouse With Some Surprise Visitors

When I did some repotting of primroses in the greenhouse yesterday I had some visitors! Sweet William and Lily love to explore around the plants and rest in the sunshine. It must seem like a private jungle to them! William is always looking out for his buddy Kit.Out from behind a geranium comes Kit!The next time I grabbed the camera the cats were hiding in the foliage.
Just when I was ready to put the camera away..... Kit appeared again! After all those fun distractions I finally got my primroses ready to put outside.


  1. Cute! Cats are such friendly creatures. Ours has been promoted to be a garage and outdoor cat (due to allergies). But he comes to visit frequently and I let him in for short periods. Actually, I think I could get away with having him in more if he wouldn't jump up on the countertops! Anyway, last night about 4:00 am he decided he wanted in the house. What a ruckus he made --- until he finally gave up. He has a cat door in the garage and a warm and cozy 'house' there --- but it lacked my company, which he seems to enjoy. In the meantime, the dogs heard him and decided they wanted to go OUT! What chaos!

  2. I love the colors of the flowers and how the little kitties hide amongst them, it just so darn cute!! I wish I had more than one cat, I would love that so much!!
    Your photos are beautiful!

  3. Your greenhouse looks so cozy and bright (both in your photos and your hubby's), and aren't the kitties having a grand time? Lovely, lovely photos!
    I'm envious of your pretty primroses. I've been trying to find some in the big box stores and haven't yet, which is wierd because they always have them.


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