Vernal Equinox

Today is finally the first day of spring. I think this year spring may become my new favorite season. We have waited so long for this season to arrive. We have observed white, dirty, icy, and lingering snow. We have watched icicles grow longer, broader, and eventually slip off the gutters. Now I can see the sandy shoreline of the lake below our house.

Now the boxwood are actually looking greener.

The pond would not hold up the dogs now. There is evidence of water on the sides.

Now I have spotted tulips emerging from the ground.

The snow in summer is showing new growth on the rock wall by the pond.

Happy First Day of Spring...
it can only improve from here!


  1. It was so nice to have above 60 degrees today. The warmth outside was wonderful. And I had two crocuses in bloom today. Yeah!!

  2. I can imagine how wonderful it must feel - even here, where it hasn't been nearly as cold, I have been so happy to see the daffodils and apple blossoms.
    So glad spring has found its way to your part of the country as well. Happy spring!

  3. bravo! wonderful post! we still have 4 feet of snow off the front porch...

  4. SVG... I can't find my crocuses. I hope they pop up soon.
    Tinker... apple blossoms... I can't wait.
    JBelle... I was at Loon Lake and Springdale yesterday and couldn't believe how much snow they still had.Just think of that snow has protecting the life underneath!!

  5. First the Johnny-Jump-Ups and then the crocus...but now I've the most bizarre looking flower (i'll try to take a pic one of these days) that is in bloom. It's delightful and so full of new hope and spring and longer daylight. We are definitely ready for the warmer weather. In fact, this morning when we realized that it was in the fifties, we quickly dressed and headed outside for a five mile walk :) (yes, i've blisters now)

  6. I was sitting in me garden in just a t-shirt again today...... :)



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