A Thursday Thirteen Meme

Thirteen Mishaps That Happened Yesterday in a Three Hour Period of Time!

1) A student was walking by the front table of the classroom and hit the cord to the projector attached to the document camera. The projector hit the floor.
2) He picked it up and I tried it again... it seemed to work... but no light.
3)The tech guy came and couldn't fix it so he took it away.
4) He said it will be at least a week before a new bulb comes.
5) I got out my old overhead projector, dug out my dusty overhead transparencies, and tried to get ready to teach the sixth graders. They came in and one said ," I haven't seen one of those since fourth grade! "( two years ago.... we are talking "old school" here)
6) A few minutes into the lesson on writing color poems the bulb burned out.
7) I went to get the treats I had for two birthday students. For the life of me I swear those gummy bears grew legs and walked. They were nowhere to be found and I still haven't found them!
8) After class I went down the hall and picked up another older overhead projector. The glass on the top had come loose and it fell and shattered all over the floor. At this point another teacher backed away and said, " I don't want to stand next to you."
9) Some girls decided to use a bit more glitter than required to decorate their creative writing. As they were ready to head out the door before conferences I noticed glitter in their hair and on their cheeks, and also watched a trail form as they skipped down the hall.
10) Another overhead was found, but in setting it up the electric pencil sharpener fell off the table right before parent conferences were to begin and spilled shaving everywhere.
11) Juice was delivered to our room for refreshments and we were told " the container may leak a little" . Everyone barred me from going near the juice.
12) I went to hang up a few of the "glittery" papers and ended up covering myself with a sparkly mess also.
13) As I swept up glass, wiped off glitter and moved away from the juice three parents with children showed up a half hour early for their conferences. I tried to hide the dust pan and get the last of the glitter out of my eye as I smiled and greeted them.
What else could go wrong? From the corner of my eye I saw a student through the window that stayed after school to wait for his mom. He was aiming a handmade arrow held in a handmade bow he had made from a willow branch. I could only hope he was out there by himself.


  1. oh my! that sounds like stuff that happens to me.. I had to smile and imagine the glitter in your hair when the parents greeted you.. they probably smiled and wished they were a teacher. :)

  2. You as a teacher must have been just sparkling for your parent/student conferences! Speaking as a parent of former students, I would have LOVED that! (Thank goodness you got that day of mishaps behind you for awhile!)

  3. Oh yes...I've had days like that! And just last week a colleague pointed out to me that I had glitter on my cheek. I couldn't for the life of me get it off my face until I finally took some masking tape and "stuck" it off! My administrative assistant would call that a "Jonah" day =)

  4. That's what you get by not calling in sick when your Astrology chart specifically tells you to stay in bed, do not move, and if you are armed, please drop the weapon and back away.

  5. remember the story going around of the woman who had her uh...annual.. exam, and was late -- grabbed a wash cloth and did a quick scrub.
    Her Gyn. wanted to know if she'd been out partying -
    she'd used the wash cloth her daughter had washed glitter off with.

    At least you just sparkled when you smiled.

  6. Shelby, I am glad to find another in the sisterhood of klutzes!
    MM, I never thought of it in such a positive way... I hope I sparkled!
    Rondi, note to self... keep masking tape with the dog hair remover roll in top drawer!
    Welcome Herb from BayViews... yes, I think I should have pulled up the covers and called in that day!
    Pamela, this made me laugh... I can just hear my healthier than thou doctor giving me some lecture on the drawbacks of glitter "there".


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