Third Spring Walk: It is Beginning to Look Like Spring

As I walked through the gardens with camera in hand today I saw more things that hinted toward spring. The flowers above remind me of spring, but I bought those! The garden gate greeting me with the weathered chicken sign.
I finally found the raised beds. They looked eager to be filled with steer manure and seeds!
It is nice to see the shrubs greening up, but the snow does still linger in some places.
In other places it is still covering everything living, but I know there are things growing below!
Shelby still likes to stand on the snowbank, but she is no longer queen of the mountain. Now it is just a tiny hill!


  1. yes its always so nice to see spring arriving...

  2. Its almost here, well there where you are, cos its certainly here where I am, except today is rainy and cold forecast for the weekend, but we have had the most glorious beautiful sunshiny week...


  3. It's coming.....I can almost taste it!

  4. I'm playing catch up -- and I just read all your posts. I'm hoping this is Spring and not just another teaser. There was ice on the bird bath this morning. hey?

    I enjoyed where you "came from" I recognized so many of those "places"


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