Sunday Scribblings: "I Come From"

I come from a childhood entwined in Easter baskets, birthday parties, Dr. Suess, visits to grandmothers' houses, snowy winters, short springs, hide and seek, Leave It To Beaver, fruitcake at Christmas, burning leaves in October, Thanksgiving potlucks, slumber parties, Sunday School, orange Crush,books from the library, the city pool,and Friday night popcorn.

I come from teen years full of spring concerts, "Everybody's Girl", school newspaper, Sadie Hawkins dances, The S& R, Thursday night GAA, Wheat Thins, Pepsi, marching in the Torchlight parade, French, To Kill a Mockingbird, typing class, long phone conversations, stolen kisses, going up the river and out to the lake, and running track.

I come from college years brimming over with laughs, friends, Mort's Club, Taco Time, on the run, the landing, The Perch, the I Tower, Hello Walk, kiddie lit, afro hairdos, Benny and the Jets, student teaching at Ramsey, house president, sunbathing on the deck, working at "the cage", Boville Run, wind,and the arboretum.

I come from early adulthood packed with making bulletin boards, my first car,serious relationships, dancing on week-ends, a wedding, moving away, book groups, going back to school, happy hours, learning piano, teacher friends, "Bowling Babes", writing workshop, changing grade levels, first lattes, dinner gatherings, first dogs, lots of books, fresh pressed cider, recipe collecting, cabin in Idaho, wine tours, hot summers, family gatherings, illness,bird dogs, never slowing down, black holes,The Book Worm, broken marriage, growing flowers, alone, Oregon coast, therapy, moving, good-bye.

I come from a change in life that includes a small school, moving, Friday afternoon football,Lake Roosevelt, finding my place, the guy across the road, dogs and cats, The Hitching Post, coming out of the darkness, writing retreats, four seasons, depression, teaching and learning, therapy, Aunties Bookstore, gardening, July in Moscow, the ferry, family gatherings, pow wows, a camera, road trips, the reservation, camping, new friends and family, Starbucks, finding state parks,nesting, slowing down, blogging, memoirs, Garden Valley Church, being a true fan, red shoes, siblings,online book groups, Camp Aunt Christy, trips to town, love, contentment,peace and quiet.

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  1. I enjoyed this post and was relating all the way along! And, I was picturing you there in the classroom next to mine --- and realizing that although we've never met in person, we know each other well. Blogging = a wonderful invention!

  2. I love the list form of this! There is so much said between the words!

  3. Hey lady! How are you? I loved the journey in time and share a lot of those memories. LOVE your header, lucky lady!

  4. Lovely surroundings - warmth and value fall from your words. A pleasure to read!

  5. What a rich, deep and true place you come from. Beautifully sketched. Thanks.

  6. I love your journey of life.....

    Over the last weekend I found out the names of my grandparents, I have never know their names before, it was a missing link to me..... so now I am someone and I have a 'I came from' too :)


  7. This was a fun read! Some of your "come froms" were similar to mine... burning leaves, books, Starbucks, red shoes! It's nice to look back at where we come from.


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