Spring Cleaning Day 2

Looking over my list of cleaning chores today I made a decision early on. I would need more coffee!

I always tackle the bathrooms first, but looking back I wish I would have put pads on my knees! I tried a new way of cleaning windows, but I just couldn't manage the window sill, dress, and bucket of water as gracefully as she did.
With another day of spring cleaning under my belt I washed my last dishes then enjoyed my new blue glass collection sparkling in the sun.
The day wasn't complete until the table was moved back out on the deck and I found a spring tablecloth. Then I could take a break and enjoy some late sunshine and conversation.


  1. can you feature how clean your house would be if all you did was clean?

  2. Does moving count as spring cleaning? I think it should.

    (I love your blue glass collection!)


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