Sibling Assignment #92: A One-of-A-Kind Annie

Silver Valley Girl gave the sibling assignment this week. "Write a poem, essay, song, or story about one of your pets, and how having that pet has made your life better." I will connect my siblings' posts when they are done.

A One-of-A-Kind Springer Spaniel (photo by raymond pert)

Annie is a flushing out a mouse from under the deck ‘til it’s found hunter,

With a love and protect you show of loyality,

An obsessed with scraps, squirrels, Lily, and stray cats

One-of- a-kind springer spaniel.

A search until she finds kitty candy bars and rabbit pellets,

Plus springing in the air looking for Shelby until she tires,

And if she hears the sound of the clippers she trembles

kind of springer.

A can’t wait to get a drink of water in the lake while camping ,

With hears the sound of the treat jar from outside kind of ears,

And a listen while she sings morning dog songs

One–of-a-kind springer spaniel.

A needs lots of love and attention springer,

A run through the fields with ears flying in the summer critter,

And wants to ride in the car even if it means just going to the garage kind of springer.

Annie is a hide in the carrier while I yell during a Zags game girl,

A sleep on the bed and snuggle in the afternoon dog,

And a watch in the window for hours for me to come home

One-of-a-kind springer spaniel.

I am a love Annie ‘til I die kind of dog owner,

Enjoying the spirit and silliness of this springer spaniel,

Knowing she is waiting with her body wiggling when I arrive home every day,

Annie is a gift…. a one-of-a-kind springer spaniel.

by inlandempiregirl

(this form was inspired from a poetry workshop I attended last week by Marti Mahalyi)


  1. LOVE this post! And I love Annie, too, even though I have never officially met her. She definitely sounds like my kind of dog!

  2. you did good on that assignment Sandy

  3. My mom loves her cat. Funny her cat is named Jazzy and so is our dog back home.

  4. oooooooooooh.... such a wonderful feeling from your post about Annie. Pat her on the head for me.


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