Second Garden Walk: Signs of What Winter Did and What Spring Will Bring

Now I can post pictures again so here is what I discovered Sunday when I did my second garden walk.We can get back to the gazebo and the fire was warm and inviting.Spring is actually coming.... the first sign is this leaf on the Bridal Wreath Spiarea .Fences sometimes need some repair after a long winter.
This weeping birch ,which was planted before I lived here , may not make it with that split down the trunk. It was such a great hiding place for the cats.
The forsythia, usually the first to bloom in the spring, shows promise even with the snow in the background.
This was part of the rock wall by the front garden. The plow guy got a bit too close.This the pond that the dogs may just decide to walk on one day and find the ice won't hold them.Shelby had waited months to fetch this ball and run across the driveway once again.


  1. Amazing pictures as always. I am always sooooo very impressed. Thank you.

  2. I LOVE the idea of a fireplace out in the garden.... the photos are great as usual.....


  3. Everything looks promising your way! We, unfortunately, got about another foot of snow over the weekend, and now it's soooo cold! Ahhh, will this NEVER end??? You give me hope!

  4. Thanks Go Figure. I can't wait for REAL spring pictures!
    Marmite... one of JEJ's recycled rock, old stove, and a glass cover ideas. It is wonderful and was very cheap!
    MM... I heard things are not very springy your way! ARGGG!


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