No Space to Post Pictures... And I Have So Many to Share!

I know it is hard to believe that I used up all my free photo space on Blogger. While waiting for more space to kick in, I can't post pictures. I will tell you that I saw a green leaf on a a shrub Sunday and I have a picture to prove it. I do believe now that spring is coming.

The dogs also found three lost toys that were buried in the snow since December. It is amazing what appears as the snow slowly melts. Some people train their dogs to "do their duty" in one spot in the yard. If our two went in the same spot all winter I am afraid we would have had a pile ready to topple into the neighbors yard. Yes, it is that time of year to walk gingerly around the yard because of their "sign" or should I make that plural?

It looks like some plants took a winter hit, but guess what? When the snow melted there were weeds looking as green and hardy as they did when I should have pulled them in November. The dogs are still having fun running over the icy top of the pond. Will they know the day the ice is too thin not to run out, or will they just get a cold bath? Time will tell. Pictures soon!

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  1. Oh, dear! I'm still at 16% because I usually condense photos for posting so the files are smaller. Of course, I then get people complaining that they click and it doesn't get any bigger. So now I leave some in a larger size so they can be enlarged.


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